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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how Eyespot will handle your information when you use our service. Our goal is to enhance your experience while ensuring your privacy and security.

Below, we've summarized our key practices and principles.


  1. Information Collection and Use

We collect and use your information solely to improve our services and enhance your experience. Your data is securely stored in an encrypted database.


  1. How We Use Your Information

We collect the following data to maintain our services and provide you with important updates:

- General Announcements:

   - Opt-in announcements keep you informed about changes, such as menu passwords, promotions, service hours, and service provider issues.


  1. Definitions

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy:

- Account: Your unique access to our service.

- Company: Refers to Eyespot.

- Personal Data: Information related to an identified or identifiable individual.

- Service: Eyespot's products and delivery.

- Service Provider: Third parties assisting in service provision and analysis.

- Website: Eyespot’s website(s) including

- You: The individual using Eyespot services.


  1. Collecting and Using Your Personal Data

When using Eyespot services, we may request the following personal data, which will be used to contact or identify you:

- Email address

- Name

- Gender 

- Phone number

- Address (State, Province, ZIP/Postal code, City)

- Date of birth

- Phone services provider

- Web browser

- IP address

- Any Business Transactions


  1. Purposes of Using Personal Data

We use Personal Data for these purposes:

- Service Maintenance: To provide and maintain our service while complying with state regulations.

- Account Management: To manage your service registration and access.

- Communication: To contact you through various electronic means for important updates.

- Updates: To provide news, special offers, and general information to enhance our business relationship.

- Request Management: To address and manage your requests to Eyespot.

- Business Transactions: To organize and conduct transactions with your consent.


We prioritize your privacy, and our processes require your consent for operation.


Thank you for choosing Eyespot, where your experience and privacy are our priorities.

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